Heavy Thighs Fashion Alert

Heavy Thighs Fashion Alert

In order to feel our best, our clothes should be a reflection of our inner selves. We should aim to dress to express something of our personality. However, being aware of any physical shortcomings (or excesses) we might have, it makes sense to keep them in mind when choosing an outfit. We previously covered the … Continue reading »

Small Boobs

If you are a small breasted woman I expect there are times when you wish they were more pneumatic. But remember clothes look better on small chests, they hang better, and most were designed with you in mind. Also, although breasts are considered man magnets – they are very undiscerning magnets and as Trinny Woodall … Continue reading »

Big Boobs

Although celebrities wear their boobs like trophies, flaunting them in low cut evening gowns on the red carpets of the showbiz world, it is not all plain sailing being the owner of heavy breasts. They can make dressing elegantly difficult, if heavy enough they can cause posture and psychological problems. It can be great to … Continue reading »

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Dresssense is essentially a guide to dressing for the figure we have right now. Some aspects of our shape + proportion we can do nothing to change – but, looking around, how many of us would clearly benefit from losing a few kilos? We have all tried various regimes and diets suggested by manufacturers and … Continue reading »

Average Proportions and Looking Good

Most of us have fairly average proportions. By being aware of how different tones work, we can make our clothes enhance the way we look. The basic principles of sculpting with tone are: Dark colours absorb light – visually receding (shrinking) Light colours reflect light – visually advancing (enlarging) Therefore, people with very slim figures … Continue reading »

Don’t have the waist you’d like?

Don’t have the waist you’d like?

No definition at the waist? Many of us are dismayed that we do not have a sufficiently trim waist, especially as some current styles seem to demand a well-defined waist in order to look good. Of course body shapers and cinchers can be helpful and are readily available in stores, but there are perfectly lovely … Continue reading »