Is the length of your legs your problem?

Maybe you are sometimes disappointed when you get a promising purchase home, only to find that it doesn’t look as good on you as you thought it would (Hopefully not because you have been tricked by a flattering distorting mirror in the fitting room, which happened to me)

There are ways to identify the strengths & weaknesses of your figure.

Leg length

Work out your body to leg ratioWearing just your undies stand well back from a full length mirror and look carefully at the proportion of your body.

Using the length of your head as a guide (top of head to chin) you can assess whether your proportions are ‘classic’ or vary in some way (as most of us do!). You can use the old artists’ technique of holding a pencil at arms length, close one eye, focus on the pencil and indicate with your thumb the size of your head.

Now in order to be considered ‘perfectly’ proportioned there should be four of that measurement between your feet and and your hips – any less than that you should take into consideration when choosing clothes – any more than that, your are very lucky, you don’t need any help!

We will look at ways to combat the curse of short legs in upcoming posts – there are many simple ways to visually lengthen your legs….

Determine your proportion of body length to leg length with this technique

Could a short neck be your problem?

Few of us are physically perfect – most of us (even top models) are aware of some perceived figure fault preventing us from being totally comfortable with our appearance.

One common shortcoming which affects the way we look and feel is the short neck. We are confronted by images of swan necked models and actresses every day, which might discourage us from trying to combat this particular problem.

However, there are several ways to minimise the appearance of a short neck. Good posture can help – but choosing the right neckline, accessories and hairstyle can work wonders.

To give the illusion of a longer neck it makes sense to not cover it with collars or chunky jewellery – so avoid polo and turtle necklines and heavy chokers – select collarless jackets.

Seek out deep v-shaped necklines which open up the neckline, allowing the eye to perceive a more elongated & elegant neck.

 Your hairstyle can also affect the appearance of a short neck. If your hair is long and touches your shoulders, your neck disappears altogether. A hairstyle which leaves space to allow your neck to show will help to give a more flattering appearance. If you prefer your hair long then experiment with ways of wearing it up and you will be surprised what a difference it can make.

 While chunky neckwear is not to be advised, fine necklaces are OK as are moderately dangly earrings……


Your starting point…

There are billions of women in the world of all shapes & sizes – but there are only a handful of supermodels. The secrets to feeling comfortable and confident in your own appearance are very simple. Liberate your look – reassess your dress habits, look again at your colour schemes, analyse your figure type.

Illustration of the average womans proportions compared to those of a supermodelAs kids our clothes were chosen for us – colours & shapes we were told we looked ‘nice’ in then, are not necessarily right for us now.

We all remember those lucky girls who looked good in school uniform – very few of us did.

As we passed through puberty hormones changed our shape, caused our spots, affected our growth rate and moods. This all happened just as we got to choose our own clothes – no wonder many of us got it wrong!

To compound the confusion we and our peers are constantly exposed to society’s current passion for celebrity looks and lifestyles – leading us to make more misguided choices in our selection of clothes.

We know when a look suits us- we instantly feel good, confident, sexy. We all have a favourite outfit which never fails to lift our spirits. The chances are, that outfit is probably a good colour choice for you, probably accentuates your good points, probably conceals any figure faults…

There is your starting point….