Don’t have the waist you’d like?

No definition at the waist?

Many of us are dismayed that we do not have a sufficiently trim waist, especially as some current styles seem to demand a well-defined waist in order to look good. Of course body shapers and cinchers can be helpful and are readily available in stores, but there are perfectly lovely styles around which will disguise this problem area when you want to look your best, without the aid of special underwear!

The idea is simple – draw attention away from your problem, wear softer shapes around the area, accentuate your best points and no-one will guess you are not perfectly proportioned, not even you!

Skirts and Trousers

Firstly, low waisted skirts and trousers will only draw attention to your lack of definition – far better to select a high waisted version which will snugly hug your waist ( I don’t mean ‘under the bust’ high, just what we used to think of as normal!)
But this first step is just to help you feel secure – you will probably not show the tops of skirts/ trousers when you discover the joy, comfort, freedom and elegance of the wide range of loosely fitting tops available.


Don’t follow the crowd by choosing tightly fitting tops.
T-shirts which gently skim around your waist and end at your hips or thighs are very
flattering for your figure type. If your hips are relatively slim you could try a loose belt too. Kaftan shaped tops are very fashionable just now and are the perfect shape to hide a less than perfect waist – they are available in a fantastic range of colours and prints.
( also good for too-generous boobs – but that’s another post….)


Is it any wonder that Empire Line wedding dresses are so popular? They give the illusion of height, drawing the eye upwards towards the face, they kindly skim both the waist and hips, leaving the boob area a clear field!


Lightweight jackets, hip to thigh length, worn open, are also flattering, distracting the eye from your perceived problem.
Tailored jackets which are shaped in at the waist also help to give the illusion of a shapely waist, as long as they are not too tight.

There are many beautiful styles on the market to suit you – we have probably never had so much choice which can sometimes be the problem. But once you have found the basic shapes which suit you, which make you feel good and confident – you will have a great time shopping!

Are Heavy Thighs your issue?

The female body typically carries an extra layer of fat tissue – it is what gives us our curves and softness, but an excess in specific areas can be a problem.

The thighs can stubbornly retain fat, creating an impediment to elegance. Fortunately there are several simple ways to conceal over enthusiastic thighs thereby drawing attention away from them.

Trouser / Pant suggestions for troublesome thighs

  • When choosing trousers, if there is a definite convex outline when you look at your side view – then those pants are not for you!
  • Similarly, try to avoid trouser styles which are tight enough to produce horizontal creasing around the crotch – these become exaggerated as you walk and draw attention to the problem.
  • Try instead elegant and flattering Palazzo pants or the similar Katharine Hepburn wide legged and tailored long pants almost touching the floor (over shoes with heels to keep yourself in proportion).
  • One last piece of trouser advice – avoid sharply tapered trousers, these create a peg shape, highlighting the contrast between bulky thighs and narrow calves.

Skirts for thicker thighs

  • Avoid skirts cut on the bias – they cling in all the wrong places for you.
  • High waisted skirts and dresses which flare and skim over the thighs are the kindest shape as well as the current trend for full length floaty dresses which are ideal for concealing this particular problem area.

We’ve also created a Pinterest board with some examples of outfits to help you find your style with heavy thighs.