Heavy Thighs Fashion Alert

In order to feel our best, our clothes should be a reflection of our inner selves. We should aim to dress to express something of our personality. However, being aware of any physical shortcomings (or excesses) we might have, it makes sense to keep them in mind when choosing an outfit.

We previously covered the flattering aspects of wide legged and palazzo pants for those of us with heavy thighs, however….

Fashion is fickle – we are bombarded by images of what is ‘in’ right now. To the concern of those of us with classically feminine thighs (?), the dreaded skinny jeans appear to be ‘de rigueur’ at present.

Don’t panic!

Don’t be tempted to:

a) Throw away your wide legged trousers
b) Squeeze yourself into skinny jeans.

(Have you noticed the bargain rails in stores are full of extremely skinny pants they have been unable to sell – the times they are a-changin’!)

So, short of ignoring fashion trends altogether, what is available to us?

Fortunately, there are readily available options…

*viscose-cuffed-trousersLook for a selection of pants which, while a little narrower in the leg, still avoid clinging to your thighs, while skimming them politely. There are a variety available in the shops in viscose, a very co-operative fibre.

vicose-ruched-bottomsTo get the narrower look without the severity of ‘skinny bitch’ jeans, search for pants which are loosely caught in at the ankle, either slightly ruched on each side seam or tapered gently to the ankle. (They are available, don’t be scared of looking in the cheap trendy shops (Newlook in the UK, Ally, SES & Valley Girl in Australia or ASOS online globally) they are often one step ahead. The fashions may look ‘too young’ at times in these shops, but they often stock useful basic lines unavailable elsewhere)

Terrible-baggy-pants-unflattering-to-most-figure-typesBE WARY THOUGH, of baggy summer trousers, elasticated sharply at the ankle – they tend to ride above the ankle bone and thereby give a very unflattering line to most figure types by visually shortening the legs (read more about visually lengthening your legs here)

In order to look elegant in slimmer line trousers we need to put away the shorter tops which look so good with our wide legged pants. Don’t throw them away – they will be back!

soft-unstructured-top-with-narrower-leg-pantsTo complement the perfect pants when you find them – look for equally unstructured tops in similar soft fabrics and select a length most flattering to your figure type – you will know them when you try it on!


Happy Shopping!