Big Boobs

Although celebrities wear their boobs like trophies, flaunting them in low cut evening gowns on the red carpets of the showbiz world, it is not all plain sailing being the owner of heavy breasts. They can make dressing elegantly difficult, if heavy enough they can cause posture and psychological problems.

It can be great to have these natural assets, but make sure you are in control of them – avoid stretch straps (bounce), skinny straps (slice) and extra padding (unnecessary!) The best way to be in charge of your breasts is to invest in really good bras – expect to pay 2-3 times more than your small-boobed mates. Get a professional fitting in a reputable store – check your back view, side view as well as front.

Underwiring works wonders for full breasts – if you have never tried a bra with wires I suggest you do – they are more comfortable, more secure and more structured. If you get a well fitted one, you will be able to forget about any breast problems! Some manufacturers produce ‘Minimising’ designs which cleverly and subtly mould your breasts into a less ‘thrusting’ shape, which is more appropriate for some styles. These minimising bra are also ideal if you want to avoid drawing attention to your chest generally!

If you are blessed (or cursed, whichever way you look at it) with large breasts, you know from experience you have to take that fact into consideration when choosing clothes. It is very easy to look top heavy or tarty if you are not aware of some useful guidelines.

If you want to keep your overall silhouette in proportion and prevent your chest being the thing which defines you, there are a few things to bear in mind when shopping:

Try to avoid:

  • High necklines
  • Chunky Knit sweaters
  • Halter necks are not a good idea – the triangular shape they create draws attention to the width of your chest
  • Double breasted anything – unless you want to look matronly!
  • Peasant style smocks – go in and out of fashion but maybe one to avoid unless you really love then (I do!) in that case, try a minimiser bra.
  • Short tops generally. They make a boxy square on you, changing the intended look of the garment.
  • Sleeveless garments (unless strapless too!) Even a little suggestion of a sleeve will help balance your look.
  • Bows and frills on the chest area do not disguise they just add volume.
  • High waisted trouser & skirts just visually compress your boobs into a more narrow space – making them look even larger.
  • Skinny jeans will make you look like a lollipop

Look for:

  • Great well fitting bras – be prepared to pay more
  • Wide and deep V necklines to visually elongate your top half
  • Fitted jackets with narrow lapels and single button at waist.
  • Empire line dresses with sleeves
  • Boot cut jeans or bell-bottomed trousers help to balance your silhouette.
  • Tailored clothes generally. Well endowed girls look better in smart versus casual.

Enjoy dressing your body to show it at its best.

Your starting point…

There are billions of women in the world of all shapes & sizes – but there are only a handful of supermodels. The secrets to feeling comfortable and confident in your own appearance are very simple. Liberate your look – reassess your dress habits, look again at your colour schemes, analyse your figure type.

Illustration of the average womans proportions compared to those of a supermodelAs kids our clothes were chosen for us – colours & shapes we were told we looked ‘nice’ in then, are not necessarily right for us now.

We all remember those lucky girls who looked good in school uniform – very few of us did.

As we passed through puberty hormones changed our shape, caused our spots, affected our growth rate and moods. This all happened just as we got to choose our own clothes – no wonder many of us got it wrong!

To compound the confusion we and our peers are constantly exposed to society’s current passion for celebrity looks and lifestyles – leading us to make more misguided choices in our selection of clothes.

We know when a look suits us- we instantly feel good, confident, sexy. We all have a favourite outfit which never fails to lift our spirits. The chances are, that outfit is probably a good colour choice for you, probably accentuates your good points, probably conceals any figure faults…

There is your starting point….