Could a short neck be your problem?

Few of us are physically perfect – most of us (even top models) are aware of some perceived figure fault preventing us from being totally comfortable with our appearance.

One common shortcoming which affects the way we look and feel is the short neck. We are confronted by images of swan necked models and actresses every day, which might discourage us from trying to combat this particular problem.

However, there are several ways to minimise the appearance of a short neck. Good posture can help – but choosing the right neckline, accessories and hairstyle can work wonders.

To give the illusion of a longer neck it makes sense to not cover it with collars or chunky jewellery – so avoid polo and turtle necklines and heavy chokers – select collarless jackets.

Seek out deep v-shaped necklines which open up the neckline, allowing the eye to perceive a more elongated & elegant neck.

 Your hairstyle can also affect the appearance of a short neck. If your hair is long and touches your shoulders, your neck disappears altogether. A hairstyle which leaves space to allow your neck to show will help to give a more flattering appearance. If you prefer your hair long then experiment with ways of wearing it up and you will be surprised what a difference it can make.

 While chunky neckwear is not to be advised, fine necklaces are OK as are moderately dangly earrings……