A little help (shapewear)

Celebrities have access to the best and latest in couture. When we see them step out onto the red carpet they are looking as perfect as it is possible to look. Pampered and toned no doubt, but the structure of the dresses they wear contribute to the overall glossy appearance. We never see a bulge, wrinkle or VPL because the gowns are built around their own support structure.

This technology is available to us all, especially when choosing formal, wedding and cocktail / evening dress. They feel great to wear, giving us a little more confidence in our appearance without the need for complicated underwear.

It is a shame we can’t feel like that at other times, without the expense of a special dress.

But now we can!

Almost all of us require a little help to smooth our contours at times. The current popularity of clingy, stretchy fabrics increases this need from time to time.

We females all have that pesky extra layer of body fat to some extent, and there are times when we would like it to be camouflaged.

We are not talking corsets – in fact corsets, with their boning, are not appropriate at all under jersey fabrics, as the bones will show through, giving a bumpy appearance.

We have known for years about Magic Knickers which would smooth and control the hip, thigh and tummy areas – but were heavy and hot and caused a bulge where they end.

Fortunately there is a new generation of fibres and technologies which designers have put to good use producing ingenious garments to combat most problem areas.

There are new versions of contouring knickers with built-in lift, body suits with a range of cup sizes or those which allow you to wear your own bra – there are camisoles and waist cinchers, slips and full slips and an almost endless variety of other little helpers.

Due to the popularity of shapewear at present, the prices tend to be high and the majority of pieces probably too ornate and glamorous for everyday wear.

For everyday, a light body suit will give us a firmness, without constraints and make us feel a little more confident, streamlining our silhouette under any outfit.

So if you feel like you would like a little less jiggle and fewer bulges, consider a trip to the shops to see what is available for your particular area of concern. Beware of getting caught in the trap of thinking ‘If I pay more it will do more for me’, that could lead you to buy fancy products you might hardly ever wear – comfort + confidence is what you want.

N.B. Of course this is not a way to get out of exercising In fact a light bodysuit worn while jogging help control the boob bounce and improves performance!

  • Shapewear Options Shapewear Options Shape wear items - High Waisted thigh slimmer, thigh slimmer, full slip
  • Shapewear Options Shapewear Options Shape wear types - Body, wear your own bra slip, wear your own bra body.
  • Shapewear Options Shapewear Options Shapewear options - V-neck body, waist cincher and pant/cincher
  • Shapewear Options Shapewear Options Shapewear which allows for a full range of cup sizes, strapless slip dresses, and waist slips

Which part of you would benefit from a little help?

  • If you are otherwise slim but carry weight on your thighs, consider a thigh slimming garment – but beware of one which ends at the waist unless you carry very little extra fat there – or you will still end up with a muffin top – go instead for a high waisted version.
  • If your bottom is not as perky as you would like, a simple pair of contouring knickers – designed to lift the buttocks, makes a flattering difference under fitted pants and dresses.
  • If you have difficulties finding bras to fit – or have your favourite brand and size, go for a body or slip designed to allow you wear your own bra.
  • Some brands produce bodies with a full range of bra and cup sizes, some underwired.
  • If it is your lack of waist which concerns you, try a waist cincher which just focuses on that area. Waist cinchers also come in pants form if you prefer.

Special Occasion?

Full slips, either v-necked, scoop necked or strapless will smooth out your contours under any fitted dress – choose the one which best suits the dress you buy.