Autumn Fashion for Men

The cooler weather provides the opportunity for men to adopt a slightly smarter look. The shirt / tie / suit look is OK for formal occasions but not always comfortable or appropriate.

A slightly more casual effect can be achieved, while still maintaining a smarter look by introducing a couple of soft, unstructured jackets to your wardrobe.

Unstructured [uhn-struhk-cherd]; without the padding, stiffening and canvas normally used in tailoring – a softer more flexible garment]

There are many on the market now, fine wool, linen, cotton or hemp. In order to get away from the ‘suit jacket’ look, choose softer colours, grey/blue, tabacco, olive green, taupe etc.

The softer jackets look great with well-cut jeans or casual pants and casual collared shirts or crew neck tees.

A fresh look for the new season – treat yourself.

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